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Titan Marketer goes beyond offering marketing services.  We educate you about digital marketing strategies,  equipping you with the knowledge to make wise decisions  as an entrepreneur.

What are our clients saying about Titan Marketer?

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Why Titan Marketer?

We are Google Ads Experts that Listen and Deliver Results.

11+ Years in


11+ Years in


11+ Years in


We are all about transparency, honesty, and results. 

We only deserve your money if we make you money.

Titan Marketer simplifies every process without taking shortcuts. We have a solid digital marketing foundation, with over a decade of experience in helping entrepreneurs achieve their goals and understand the ins and outs of modern marketing.

We value data and we act fast—that’s why we deliver results efficiently.

Why Titan Marketer?

Marcus Svedin

A digital marketer who created his own 6-figure online business. He then launched a successful digital marketing agency and has helped over 500 entrepreneurs since then to get phenomenal results in digital marketing.

He has an extensive client portfolio—from brand new affiliate marketers and freshly established start-up businesses to 7-figure business owners. He has helped improve website traffic, funnels, and conversion through measurable, results-based marketing.

Ben Jones

A serial entrepreneur and international keynote speaker. Over the past 5 years, he has educated thousands of people and helped them harness online marketing’s power to grow and scale their businesses.

He’s been in online marketing for over 7 incredible years. When he’s not busy providing marketing, business, and public speaking consultations, you’ll usually find him in his office, running marketing for his personal businesses.
How much is his ad spend on marketing? 

Over $700,000—and it’s still increasing!

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