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Why Choose YouTube Advertising?

Here are just a few reasons why you should be advertising with YouTube:

Insane Targeting Options
Ability To Ethically Steal Your Competitors Traffic
Amazing Scalability
Advertise your message for 30 seconds...for free.

YouTube Advertising Has The Most Advanced Targeting Methods of ANY Platform.

Targeting options for thousands of Topics, Interests, Life Events, Age, Gender, even Parental Status.

Target high income earners, home owners, and small to large employers.

Target competitor website visitors, YouTube placements, or even search terms typed into the Google search bar.

Target The Right Person

With The Means To Invest

Who Is Ready To Buy

Skyrocket Your Sales

Through our services, our clients on average see a minimum 3x to over 19x return on any marketing budget put into YouTube advertising. 

YouTube is the number 2 search engine and the number 1 social media platform on the planet with 360 Million daily users. If you aren't using it, you are truly missing out on a huge opportunity to scale your business. 

Top Reasons to Advertise with Google Search.

Massive reach and scalability
Highest quality traffic on the internet
Friendly for ANY budget
Quick results
Generates more conversions

Hi, I'm Marcus Svedin

I'm a digital marketer that has created my own 6-figure online business. From there, we launched a successful digital marketing agency. Since then, I have helped over 500 entrepreneurs, to get the results they want with their digital marketing.

Among These are people and business ranging from brand new affiliate marketers, new start-up businesses to 7-figure business owners. I've been able to help them with all things traffic, funnels and conversion - to help them get measurable results-based marketing!

Hi, I'm Ben Jones

I'm a serial entrepreneur and international keynote speaker. Over the past 7 years, I have educated thousands of people and helped them harness the power of online marketing to grow and scale their businesses.

I have been in online marketing for over 9 years and it has been an incredible journey. These days, when I'm not consulting on marketing, business or public speaking, I'm usually in my office running marketing to my personal businesses. 

Featured testimonials from our clients

Since joining with Titan Marketer in 2020, my sales revenue has increase so much that I have had to hire 2 more staff to assist with all the new clients.

Jodie Moorfoot

The Fixx Body Therapy

Thanks to Marcus and Ben, we have been able to fill our events with the right people which has allowed us to get an average of 19x return on our advertising budget.

Andrew and Daryl Grant

Our Internet Secrets

With the help of Titan Marketer, I have been able to really launch my youth cricket coaching program off the ground in a fairly short space of time. I am seeing an average return of 900% on my ad spend which has really allowed me to focus on my family and cricket passion.

Saurabh Kumar

Saurabh Cricket Coaching

Before I met Ben and Marcus, Covid really hurt my travel agency business. We lost 95% of all our sales and things were really looking dark. However, after working with them for a few months I have now been able to land several new corporate clients, securing over $1 million in sales revenue so far this year. 

Lillian Daff

Knox Travel Agency 

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