We help businesses scale with reliable and profitable YouTube Ads in two ways

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And both have independently generated millions of dollars in sales.

Ben Jones,

Founder of Titan Marketer

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How To Ethically Steal Your Competitors' Traffic Without Going To Jail

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Are you frustrated with the Facebook ads graveyard? Or over paying through the nose for search ads?

Having difficulty scaling on outdated platforms and when you try it just gets more expensive while delivering worse results?

We've helped a wide range of industries generate millions of dollars with laser targeted YouTube advertising.

The real question is…

Are You Ready To Reliably Scale Your Business With Consistent YouTube Ads And Take Your Business to the Next Level?

Results Our Clients Get

Free Instant-Access Video Training

How To Scale Your Profits With YouTube Ads

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Our Credit Card Out Targeting System

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Our Google Reviews 

Jane Langshaw
"The presentation and content were extremely relevant and applicable, plus the tips were well worth the time I spent with Marcus and Ben. I discovered many things regarding marketing in general that I didn’t know and reconfirmed the things I did know. Definitely attend if you want to up your marketing game."
Jane Langshaw
Vital Mpawenimana
"I would recommend anyone to attend and not change their minds. I learned just how important tracking and analytics really are for scaling. The way the guys taught was amazing and very easy to follow. It was a great honour to attend this workshop."
Vital Mpawenimana
Vital Mpawenimana
"Well worth Spending the day with Ben and Marcus. Great summary of digital marketing and how it can help build any business to the next level. They are both very knowledgeable when it comes to online marketing. Very glad I came!"
Joanne Smit
Vital Mpawenimana
"Learning about YouTube advertising was a massive eye opener for me. The information the guys shared was excellent. I honestly can’t believe I got into the workshop for so cheap."
Bharat Sohi
Vital Mpawenimana
Do it! Don’t hesitate. The guys took much of the fear of paid ads out of the equation. They brought complex knowledge down to simple terms to understand. The workshop was absolutely amazing
Bronwyn Dunn
Vital Mpawenimana
Learned a great deal from this workshop for my roofing business. I Always look forward to learning from Ben and Marcus. I highly recommend spending as much time with these 2 guys as you can.
Colin Davie
Vital Mpawenimana
The knowledge these guys have is remarkable. I honestly discovered a whole new way about how to advertise my business. I strongly recommend attending this workshop.
Deiveegan Dhekshinamoorthi
Vital Mpawenimana
Fantastic presentation from people who know what to do. I discovered how to look at marketing campaigns and set them up for success.
Malcom Spencer
Vital Mpawenimana
As an entrepreneur, I am always on the lookout for innovative solutions to enhance my business operations. Recently, I had the pleasure of learning the know how with Titan Marketer, and I must say that my experience with them has been nothing short of exceptional
Vital Mpawenimana
This was one of the best marketing seminars that I’ve ever attended. Ben and Marcus are masters of their trade and I’m excited to implement YouTube advertising into my marketing strategies. I highly recommend all business owners checking out titan marketer
Greg Spence
Vital Mpawenimana
Excellent! I attended the 2 day via via zoom and the content which was delivered was even better than advertised. The best value foe me was the ad structuring session on day 2. Incredible value!! They even gave us the supplementry tools like calculators, templates and slides so we can simply follow along and apply to our business. I thought i knew "all about google and YT ads", but this event has really enlightened me! There's no way you'll fail if you simply follow and apply!
Tinashe Muzangaza
Vital Mpawenimana
The YouTube workshop was fantastic! Insightful content, engaging instructors, and practical tips. I left feeling inspired and well-equipped for YouTube success. Highly recommend!
Fabrizio Bonara
Vital Mpawenimana
Ben and Marcus are the absolute GOATS of the YouTube advertising space. Their event was the most valuable workshop I've ever been to. 100% recommend!
Sophie Wilson
Vital Mpawenimana
Ben and Marcus are the ducks nuts! I went to their YouTube Ads for Profit 2 day event, and what they teach about using YT ads to grow your business is gold. But the event goes way beyond just ads. Copywriting, marketing strategy, e-commerce, coaching and consulting, AI, scaling, messaging and targeting - Ben and Marcus have so much to teach on all these topics and more. I've been working with these guys for a couple of years and they are truly the experts. And they are a truck-ton of fun to with with!
Paul Hobbs
Vital Mpawenimana
Great workshop with Ben and Marcus today. They are top of the game with industry trends to help any business stay a step ahead of competitors. The presentation covers a lot of information but delivered step by step so you can implement into your business the very next day. I'm looking forward to day two tomorrow. I highly recommend the workshop to any person in any business.
Tania Proctor
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Results Our Clients Get

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