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Don’t Miss This One Day Training Event Where You’ll Discover Everything You Need To Know To Grow Your Business In 2021 Using Google And YouTube Advertising 

 Google has over 6.9 Billion daily searches and YouTube has over 5 billion videos viewed each day. Good news is you can market your business on them right now! 

The Secret to Doing it Successfully is Knowing How. 


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Saturday 30th January
9am to 4pm QLD
10am to 5pm NSW

United States  

Saturday 23rd January
9am to 4pm Central
10am to 5pm Eastern 

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Why This Is A Must Attend Event 

Did you know that there are over 65,000 searches on Google every second?

That is over 6.9 Billion searches going on every day!

Another fun fact is that Google actually owns YouTube!

Which aside from being the worlds second largest search engine(after Google), it has over 2 billion monthly users and over 5 billion videos viewed each day. 

Whats really cool, is when combined, Google and YouTube account for over 92% of all searches online! 

When you think about it, that's a lot of potential customers that your business can get in front of right now. 

Hi, we're Ben and Marcus 

Over the past 5 years, we have educated thousands of people and helped them harness the power of online marketing to grow and scale their businesses.

We’re not just educators though, we are also business owners ourselves, and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on our own separate 7-figure businesses every year. 

We get our hands dirty every day which means we don't just speak about theory but what is actually working this minute.

We are excited to be bringing all this new information to our one-day event to share with you.

Showing you how you can easily harness the power of the Google network to grow your business.

We will be dissecting how and why these winning strategies work and demonstrating how you can implement them into your business quickly and effectively.

Join us and other like-minded business owners and entrepreneurs for our One-day Google Marketing Domination Event

Where we will be revealing…

How you can Increase your search engine visibility

Capture an unlimited supply of laser targeted traffic

Generate a constant flow of low-cost, high-quality leads

And increase sales on not one but three ad networks 

This is one event you don’t want to miss if you plan on growing your business online in 2021. 

Reserve your ticket today.

Here's A Taste of What You'll Learn 

How you can Increase your search engine visibility

How to capture an unlimited supply of targeted traffic 

How to generate a constant flow of low-cost, high-quality leads

The complete process to increased sales on not one but three ad networks 

How to pay to place your business at the top in google searches and pay less than your competitors 

How to access more than 2 billion people in less than 10 minutes online 

How to build a profitable ad campaign from scratch – even if you never marketed online 

How to avoid the costly mistakes made by most google advertisers 

Discover how to track and know where every cent you spend is going 

How to potentially generate hundreds of leads each day using google ads

How to get your ads on millions of websites

How to create winning campaigns that deliver real results 

The insiders guide to finding the most profitable keywords for your business

How to successfully scale your campaigns profitably and hit your dream sales targets

How to enter the conversation that is already taking place in the clients minds 

How to build campaigns that only focus on your dream clients 

How to get billions of eyeballs to your business for cents on the dollar 

By the end of the day, you will be armed with the complete and up-to date arsenal of marketing strategies and tactics using Google ads that you can immediately implement into your business.

Online Live Streaming Event 

 January 2021

Who the
"Google Advertising Mastery Event"
Is For

The Business owner looking for a reliable, consistent and proven way to generate profits

The Professional who wants a constant flow of low-cost, high-quality leads

The Business owner wanting to increase their search engine visibility  

People who have tried to use google ads previously and want better results

The Entrepreneur wanting a pathway to “world-domination”

People currently marketing on Facebook and want to add Google marketing to scale

Consultants, coaches, authors and speakers who want to get their message to millions 

The online entrepreneur who wants to take their business to the next level 

The busy entrepreneur that doesn’t want to waste time and money “ figuring it all out” and just wants a blueprint to proven results 

Comments From Past Attendees 

The presentation and content were extremely relevant and applicable, plus the tips were well worth the time I spent with Marcus and Ben. I discovered many things regarding marketing in general that I didn’t know and reconfirmed the things I did know. Definitely attend if you want to up your marketing game.

Jane Langshaw

Orlando, Florida

Well worth Spending the day with Ben and Marcus. Great summary of digital marketing and how it can help build any business to the next level. They are both very knowledgeable when it comes to online marketing. Very glad I came.

Joanne Smitt 

South Perth, Western Australia 

Fantastic presentation from people who know what to do. I discovered how to look at marketing campaigns and set them up for success.

Malcom Spencer

Sydney, Australia

Learning about Googles display network was a massive eye opener for me. The information the guys shared was excellent. I honestly can’t believe I got into the event for free. 

Bharat Sohi

Perth, Western Australia 

I would recommend anyone to attend and not change their minds. I learned just how important tracking and analytics really are for scaling. The way the guys taught was amazing and very easy to follow. It was a great honour to attend this workshop.

Vital Mpawenimana

Dallas, Texas 

The knowledge these guys have is remarkable. I honestly discovered a whole new way about how to advertise my business. I strongly recommend attending this event.

Deiveegan Dhekshinamoorthi

Brisbane, Queensland

 Learned a great deal from this workshop for my roofing business. I Always look forward to learning from Ben and Marcus. I highly recommend spending as much time with these 2 guys as you can.

Colin Davie

Perth, Western Australia 

Do it! Don’t hesitate. The guys took much of the fear of paid ads out of the equation. They brought complex knowledge down to simple terms to understand. The workshop was absolutely amazing

Bronwyn Dunn


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Google and YouTube
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23rd January

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