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Dear Business Owner, 

Do you want a marketing platform that just works? 

That's delivers consistent, reliable results at scale without all the drama?

Unfortunately, these days it feels like finding a unicorn with a golden horn at the end of a rainbow would be easier.

Lets be real...running a business is hard. 

Particularly when the marketing isn't going as well as it should.  

Have you ever: 

Woken up to a blank calendar and stressed out about where your next lead is coming from?

Raged about Facebook turning your ads off for some mysterious violation that doesn't exist? 

-  Worried about your business on the weekends and not able to be present with family and friends? 

-   Lay awake at night hoping and praying that your marketing will work this month? 

Are you:

 - Sick of being stuck on the marketing rollercoaster ride of feast and famine income?

Its no secret, 

That the traditional advertising platforms are becoming too expensive for most business owners. 

The simple truth is...

 - Email marking isn't what it used to be 

Open rates have been on the decline for years

 - Google search ads are super expensive 

The price you pay to be at the top of Google searches are getting more expensive by the day and... 

 - Facebook ads costs are going though the roof

This has only gotten worse with the recent IOS update and conversion tracking issues 


Even when you do get something working...

There's always some issue that brings your marketing to a halt.

Trying to compete in these overcrowded platforms is as crazy as fire juggling gone wrong!

The Smart money is moving to YouTube ads 

"Why" you ask?

Because as these platforms age, 

They become more popular and they become more expensive. 

For example: 

89% of marketers use email

78% of marketers use search ads and,

93% of marketers use Facebook ads

The good news is that,

only 8% of businesses use YouTube ads!.

Most people look back and say 

"I wish I got in early with Search and Facebook advertising". 

Don't be left saying that about YouTube advertising. 

Be an early adopter of YouTube ads. 

When you think about it 

Right now YouTube ads are the opportunity of a lifetime. 

Here are just a few reasons why: 

- YouTube ads are a Blue ocean right now. Not many businesses are using it.

- YouTube has more daily users than Facebook.  

-  You can put your ads on your competitors channels and videos.

- You can consistently scale with reliable results.  

- You can target based on income and intent (cant do that on Facebook).

- There's no Facebook trolls commenting on your ads!

Its cheaper than Facebook! 

- Lastly, YouTube ads beat Facebook ads every time. 

- Plus heaps more, but we don't have enough time to go through them all.

What this means, is that you can target the right people who have the means to invest at the right time. 


YouTube ads is straight up the missing piece to your marketing success. 

I know what your thinking.

"YouTube ads sounds great but..."

- How will I know if it works for me?  I certainly don't have the time or money waste.  

- I don't even know how to target the right people on YouTube 

- I have no idea how to create a successful YouTube ad 

If you are thinking any of the above...You are not alone. 

The truth is, 

Most businesses have no idea  how to get started with YouTube ads. 

And for most people, 

just the simple thought of 

wasting time and money 

getting it wrong 

would be headache so intense

that you would rather ram a pencil up your nose

and into your frontal cortexas it would be less painful.


Imagine for a moment. 

You could have all the answers to the questions above

in less than 45 mins! 


At the same time, 

Leave get proven YouTube advertising templates and blueprints.

Fully done for you,

100% customised, 

and personally tailored to your business. 

And the best part!

It's a 100% free service 

During This Free Personalised YouTube Ads Strategy Session, 

You will recieve you very own actionable roadmap. 

This Includes 3 Proven, Done With You Blueprints.

 1. A personalised online sales audit where we will be able to tell you if you will be profitable BEFORE you even begin. 

2. A customised YouTube Targeting Blueprint,  that shows you exactly how to find your perfect leads & clients.  

3. An individualised YouTube ads creation strategy, complete with a "how to" create a winning ads checklist

After this call you will have a 

complete step by step roadmap to your YouTube advertising success. 

This will hands down, be the best time spent

working on your business this year! 

Please Note - This is NOT a sales call.

It's a done with you strategy session, 

Where you get an actionable roadmap

With 3 Separate done with you blueprints. 

Most people love that we've helped them. 

We find that people usually ask to work with us and 

There is ZERO obligation to go further with us after the call. 

We just hope that we are able to help you in any way possible.

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Andrew and Daryl Grant 

Jodie Moorfoot 

Lillian Daff 

Get a Proven and Actionable
 YouTube Ads Success Roadmap   

That Includes 3 Separate Done With You Blueprints  

Blueprint 1 

A personalised online sales audit and marketing calculator

Discover if YouTube ads will work for you and see If you are going to be profitable before you start.

Blueprint 2 

A customised YouTube
 Targeting Blueprint

How to target the right people. Who have a  Genuine Interest, with the means to invest, that are ready to buy

Blueprint 3 

Winning YouTube Ad
Creation Checklist 

How to Create Winning YouTube Ads.

So you can create video ads that work first time every time

Featured Testimonials From Our Clients

Since joining with Titan Marketer in 2020, my sales revenue have increase so much that I have had to hire 2 more staff to assist with all the new clients.

Jodie Moorfoot

The Fixx Body Therapy

Thanks to Marcus and Ben, we have been able to fill our events with the right people which has allowed us to get an average of 1700% return on our advertising budget.

Andrew and Daryl Grant

Our Internet Secrets

With the help of Titan Marketer, I have been able to really launch my youth cricket coaching program off the ground in a fairly short space of time. I am seeing an average return of 900% on my ad spend which has really allowed me to focus on my family and cricket passion.

Saurabh Kumar

Saurabh Cricket Coaching

Before I met Ben and Marcus Covid really hit my  travel agency business. We lost 95% of all our sales and things were really looking dark. However, after working with them, for a few months I have now been able to land several new corporate clients, securing over $1 million in sales revenue so far this year. 

Lillian Daff

Knox Travel Agency 


Receive Your Personal YouTube Success Roadmap To
Drive More Sales Into Your Business Today 

Please Note - This is not a sales call...

It's a done with you strategy session 

Where you get an actionable roadmap

With 3 Separate, done with you blueprints. 

Most people love that we've helped them. 

We find that people usually ask to work with us and 

Of course there is ZERO obligation to go further with us after the call 

We just hope that we are able to help you in any way possible

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