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Hi I'm Marcus Svedin

I'm a digital marketer that has created my own 6 figure online business. From there launched a success digital marketing agency. Since then I have helped over 500 entrepreneurs, to get the results they want with their digital marketing

Among these are people and businesses ranging from brand new affiliate marketers, new start-up businesses to 7 figure business owners. I been able to help them with all things traffic, funnels and conversion. To help them get measurable results based marketing.

I really love helping and educating people on how they can create a repeatable system of successful paid marketing across multiple social media and online platforms

Hi I'm Ben Jones

I'm a serial Entrepreneur and international Keynote speaker. Over the past 5 years I have educated thousands of people and helped them harness the power of online marketing to grow and scale their businesses

I have been in online marketing for over 7 years and it has been an incredible journey. These days when I'm not consulting on marketing, business or speaking, I'm usually in my office running marketing to my personal businesses. To help put it in perspective my ad spend on my own personal marketing YTD in 2019 is over $200,000 and rising.

Which means that I am in the trenches every day putting my own money on the line to stay up to the minute on what is working in online marketing and what is not. I guess you could call me a digital marketing geek, always looking for a faster and more profitable edge to what is really working with digital marketing and sharing it with others.

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